Weight Loss Medications                  (not including Semaglutide).        Initial Consult $199

-In person initial appointment with labs/testing 

-Weekly to monthly visits (depending on progression)

-Telehealth Visits offered after initial appointment 

-Individualized treatment plan

-Medications included in most packages


Top 3 Weight Complications
Semaglutide weight loss centered family health clinic

Semaglutide (Generic Ozempic)

-Two Options (In-Clinic Weekly Injections or Home weekly Injections

-In-Clinic Injection Consult $325 (Low Dose Protocol)

     -$250/month for recurring weekly In-Clinic                       injections

-At Home injection Consult $425  

     -$400/month for recurring home injections

-In person initial appointment with labs/testing

-Individualized treatment plan

-Medications, labs, appointments and all supplies are included in both plans




schedule an appointment (806) 701-4381

We will go over your history (Medical, Dietary, Activity, Assessment) to see which treatment would be best for your individual and unique situation. Labs are included in the Initial Consultation and recurring monthly subscription cost. Base labs: CBC, CMP, HbgA1C, Thyroid Panel, Lipid Panel, C-Peptide ($85). If you have Hypertension or any Cardiac Disease you will need: C-Reactive Protein, High Sensitivity & EKG ($60). After your labs (and any addition tests) have been reviewed and you are cleared for treatment, your monthly subscription payment will be processed and your prescription will be sent. Follow up labs every 3 months to be determined by your provider based on history and progression. 


Follow-ups will be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly based on progression or need for frequent or requested Dietary, Exercise Counseling or a patient request for a more Structured Treatment Plan. The monthly subscription covers the cost of all of the follow ups. Repeat labs (every 3 months) will be billed separately at the 3 month follow-up in addition to the monthly subscription price. See “How to get Started” section for lab pricing. Follow-ups can be done either in person or by Telehealth visit. 

Semaglutide (Ozempic / Wegovy)

Follow-ups will be be weekly fort the first 2 months, then monthly thereafter. Follow-ups may be more frequent depending on compliance, treatment side effects or patient request for a more Structured Treatment Plan (Diet/Exercise Counseling). The monthly subscription covers the cost of all of the follow-ups. Repeat labs (every 2-3 months) will be included in the monthly subscription price. See “How to get Started” section for lab pricing. After the initial 2 months, follow-ups can be requested for Telehealth visits, unless contraindicated by your provider. 


What happens when you are nearing your goal weight

When you are nearing your goal weight, or deciding to stop treatment, Plan ahead. We will discuss during follow-ups your continued goal weight, and if you are nearing your goal or happy with your progress and are thinking of stopping treatment, let your provider know. We will start the process of slowly weaning you off of your treatment. This will help to mitigate side effects and rebound weight gain after treatment. Stopping treatment suddenly or without a plan can have side effects, one being rebound weight gain.