Centered Family Health Clinic is a dream made real by Beverly Jones, MSN, FNP-C, APRN. Beverly is an experienced patient care professional who has delivered outstanding patient care as a nurse since 2000. She earned her Master of Science in Nursing from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in 2017. Prior to opening her private practice in 2022, she worked at the Veteran’s Outpatient Clinic in Lubbock.

Throughout her years in health care, Beverly saw many patients who had delayed receiving medical care, because they lacked insurance. She knew that if they had been having regular medical care, then they might not have needed urgent or emergent care in the moment. And thus, the idea for Centered Family Health was born.

At Centered Family Health, we do not accept insurance of any kind or participate in any health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Additionally, Centered Family Health does not bill insurance. We see all our patients on a self-pay basis only and at a designated flat rate—one for new patients and one for returning patients. A rate you can count on. Centered Family Health wants you to see your healthcare provider when you need to and provide you with affordable acute and preventative care. Managing our clinic in this way helps ensure that we can keep our costs and our fees reasonable. So, you can get the care you need and deserve, whenever you need it.